Backup and Restore PostgreSQL from Openshift

I have my blog hosted on openshift using django. This is how i back up a the postgres database, copy it to my local computer, and restore into a local database. The backup uses this snippet which u can use as a cron job. I ssh'ed into my app:

rhc ssh myappname

executed the lines from this snippet:

# Backs up the OpenShift PostgreSQL database for this application
# by Skye Book
NOW="$(date +"%Y-%m-%d")"

Now you can copy the database to your local folder:

rhc scp myappname download ./ app-root/data/myappname.2015-03-27.backup.sql.gz

./ copies into the current working directory. Now create a new database in pgadmin and restore the data to it:

psql -d nameofnewdb -U username -f myappname.2015-03-27.backup.sql

Now you can connect the django app to your local database.


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